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05 July 2011 @ 09:06 pm
Re: http://curio-collector.livejournal.com/91534.html

I have briefly spoken to the artist in question and she has reminded me of one important fact. That she DID accept her first skulls weren't very skillful. AND, she offered to cut me a deal in later transactions as a result of the lowered price on her better skulls.

I didn't recall this at all.

I do want to make an apology. To the artist, and to anyone I made uncomfortable here by posting that. I make this apology because I was clearly in the wrong here.

I have my accusers out there and so I make it clear now this apology is sincere and not because she offered to cut me a deal. To me that is in the past and I don't personally feel it applies to me now after what I did (assuming she still felt like honoring it, which I doubt and that is acceptable to me).

I'm not very good with words, as most of you know, when it comes to personal relations on or off line with unestablished relationships, so I hope this post made sense. I spent a good while fretting over the wording, so if anything is confusing please say so and I will try to clarify.