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Curio Collectors

collecting the unusual and bizarre

Curio collectors
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NOTE: by default all posts here are locked. So if it appears dead, it isn't. Only members can see the majority of posts.

We're a new community, so don't expect things to be very active right away. We noticed the "curio scene" and "taxidermy scene" were somewhat booming here on various LJs and figured we needed a place to converge. The two hobbies are very closely related, so here ya go!

New members are moderated until their first approved post. Then they'll be given unmoderated status. Journals younger than 6 months old will be put on the moderated list until they've established themselves here and on LJ as trustworthy.

Do you collect critters? Plants? Odd natural things? Then this place is for you. Some things you might post about here:

creepy dolls
sea shells
animal hides
crafts with curio objects
seed pods
sale posts

I only ask you have two things: respect for the dead animals, and be civil to each other. If there's a legality that some member should be aware of then handle it in a kind manner. If you don't agree with something, then walk away.

And please post pictures of all dead animals under an lj-cut. This is out of respect to the members who are not into that side of curio. :)

ALSO- never delete a comment or a post (this goes for my fellow mods as well). See here for info and to get questions answered (they will be added to the text of the post, not replied to). Something that will get you banned easily is deleting things and behaving badly in, about, or with regard to this community or with other community members/the mod(s). That includes defaulting on trades/sales posts.

Meet the team:

grygon Founder and Creator

snowcoma Second in command / co-maintainer

lilenth CoFounder

qarrezel Design and Layout

arinaca: Feedback thread Maintainer

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