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08 December 2011 @ 08:05 pm
Of mummified bats  
Seems some folks are going around trying to scare others into throwing things out or to stop collecting and selling certain things cause they MIGHT/MAYBE/COULD BE illegal.

I bought 10 bats last year from a seller to mummify and I was almost convinved to toss them until I double checked one of these posts trying to encourage people to give up this part of the hobby and found that one of their cites links, supposedly linking to a "big cites list" or to a place about bats... was a link to CORAL information. Coral! Not bats. So weird...

So I googled for the USA cites list, opened it up, and ctrl+f searched the page for any combo of the follow names, which are the bats I bought: Cave myotis myotis velifer & Brazilian Free-tailed Tadarida brasiliensis. None of these were on it far as I can determine through that page search. Therefore, still legal. Thank goodness.

Do not give up cause of some half-informed nay-sayers. Do your research and if something you want to buy "seems" fishy, ask the seller questions- don't harrass them into deleting the listing. Just because it MIGHT/MAYBE/COULD BE something, doesn't mean it is.

USA cites: http://www.cites.org/eng/resources/species.html