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01 April 2014 @ 06:36 am
Does anybody have any experience with doing taxidermy on crabs?

I caught this one live from the bay, about 4", uncooked, and it's currently residing in the freezer until I determine if it's possible to immortalize him. I was thinking maybe a paper weight? Anyone ever cast a resin like that?

He was missing an arm when I caught him, probably lost it in a fight. They can only re-grow those appendages once, unlike their legs which can re-grow many times. If only humans could do that, huh?

click to enlarge | FULL SET @ Flickr

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08 December 2011 @ 08:05 pm
Seems some folks are going around trying to scare others into throwing things out or to stop collecting and selling certain things cause they MIGHT/MAYBE/COULD BE illegal.

I bought 10 bats last year from a seller to mummify and I was almost convinved to toss them until I double checked one of these posts trying to encourage people to give up this part of the hobby and found that one of their cites links, supposedly linking to a "big cites list" or to a place about bats... was a link to CORAL information. Coral! Not bats. So weird...

So I googled for the USA cites list, opened it up, and ctrl+f searched the page for any combo of the follow names, which are the bats I bought: Cave myotis myotis velifer & Brazilian Free-tailed Tadarida brasiliensis. None of these were on it far as I can determine through that page search. Therefore, still legal. Thank goodness.

Do not give up cause of some half-informed nay-sayers. Do your research and if something you want to buy "seems" fishy, ask the seller questions- don't harrass them into deleting the listing. Just because it MIGHT/MAYBE/COULD BE something, doesn't mean it is.

USA cites: http://www.cites.org/eng/resources/species.html
02 October 2011 @ 06:07 pm
I want to share my collection with you all. Thing is, it is SO huge that it wouldn't do to show it all at once. I am still photographing much of it. So I'll do it in sections. :)

Today's post is canine skulls.

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05 July 2011 @ 09:06 pm
Re: http://curio-collector.livejournal.com/91534.html

I have briefly spoken to the artist in question and she has reminded me of one important fact. That she DID accept her first skulls weren't very skillful. AND, she offered to cut me a deal in later transactions as a result of the lowered price on her better skulls.

I didn't recall this at all.

I do want to make an apology. To the artist, and to anyone I made uncomfortable here by posting that. I make this apology because I was clearly in the wrong here.

I have my accusers out there and so I make it clear now this apology is sincere and not because she offered to cut me a deal. To me that is in the past and I don't personally feel it applies to me now after what I did (assuming she still felt like honoring it, which I doubt and that is acceptable to me).

I'm not very good with words, as most of you know, when it comes to personal relations on or off line with unestablished relationships, so I hope this post made sense. I spent a good while fretting over the wording, so if anything is confusing please say so and I will try to clarify.
04 July 2011 @ 12:27 am
Finally finished this today and it gets its very own post apart from all the others I photographed today (and will share in a few days)

Inspired by this artist who I think was referring to this puzzle I decided to take the design a step further and I trapped something inside...

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16 June 2011 @ 02:22 pm
Someone gave me their retired race horse (they rescued her from being culled) when she died. She died before I injured my foot, spring 2010, and about the time I injured my foot, fall 2010, was the ideal time for me to pick her up so by the time I was hobbling in my own shoes, spring 2011, she was totally stripped of flesh by the elements underneath a tarp.

When I went to go gather her skeleton (minus a tooth and a foot, darn mud and coyotes!) the owners ask I look for any signs that might have caused her to get so sick and die. They suspected a bone break, so are looking for obvious signs (as I am sooo not an expert).

I packed a bucket with a few bones once I got her home and degreased/macerated until a few days ago when they was finally cleaned enough for me to take out the two leg bones and go saw them in half to speed up the degreasing. I was shocked, and happy, to see that inside the legs was just a fine spider-like webbing. No fat or marrow or anything at all! (unlike my elk legs that still have fat in them after two years of degreasing until I finally sawed them in half lol).

Is this normal for the leg bones to be totally empty of any kind of goopy stuff storage?
05 June 2011 @ 06:21 pm
Once again I was contacted by someone who has had the badluck to run into a bad seller. Unfortunately the sales post was located on another community.

But as I've told you all when we first got running: I actually give two shits about the communities I run (and it wasn't until I started this group and asking you all to let me know of problems that that the other group also started to act like they give a shit).

The first offender to default on a sales post that was hosted here was banned, and she later was seen to move to the other group where she is probably still getting away with this. At least until she was featured on artistsbeware.

So, I ask you all: despite this sales post being on another community, would you like me to take action here against the seller?
04 June 2011 @ 10:19 pm
I see this topic come up often and I have never seen my own method mentioned so I figured it's time for a small tutorial (teef tutorial almost finished!).

If you find yourself, through whatever means, with unwanted beetles or bugs in your collections, this method has proven so valuable to me and I will explain why in a bit*.

Get real moth balls (the stinktohighhell little shiny balls meant for tight containers). Use little snack-sized ziplocks to put a few throughout the area of your collection for a few days.

I did this once in my car when a guy unknowingly put two bags of chicken feed infested with the crawlies in my car. These bugs would move from my car and into the feed storage and then from there into my shop and they were so bad they'd actually bore holes into my antlers. O.o

So I placed these baggies throughout my shop and inside my car and within hours I saw not a hair of any bug, but I left the balls a bit longer just to be sure. Then put the balls away and opened up the windows to air the places out before I occupied them again.

Once when I got an infested box: in the box went a few balls and I sealed it tight as hell for about a week or two before reopening it to lay the contents out on my shop's table to air out. I check the shop frequently and I've never had any return.

* I make mummies in my shop's backroom, that right there is a beetle feast, but because of a mothball placed every 3 feet I have never seen sign or shadow of a bug in my shop's backroom. Well, plenty of dead flies. >:] Flies just don't get it I guess.

I know a lot of folks talk about freezing but if you don't have one, this seems to work scaring them away for good and keeping them away in on-going projects. And remember if you do take the freezing road that you need to thaw and refreeze several times to be safe. Freezing them for a week and then putting them out for display is not going to do it. When I was cleaning feathers of potential feather mites I froze and thawed them once a week for a few months just to be safe as our freezer doesn't freeze very hard.
28 May 2011 @ 09:04 pm
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